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Yiannos MylonasYiannos G. Mylonas Law Firm offers extensive experience in Company & Commercial Law gained both in Cyprus and internationally. Its head office is based in Nicosia which is the capital of the island and home to many businesses and companies. The firm has considerable experience in establishment of local and international enterprises and due to our links we will advise and assist western corporations to expand in other parts of the world including Greece, England, Germany and the B.V.I. Our client base has expanded because we aim at personal service at reasonable costs with immediate service upon instructions.

Cyprus as an island is deemed to be an ideal place for business activities due to high quality of life, low cost of living, modern telecommunications and efficient banking services. The registration of a company is an easy, fast and straightforward procedure. As long as the name that one has chosen is approved in 2-3 days, we will submit at the Company's House the Memorandum and the Articles of Association and all relevant documents for the registration. Apart from the legal registration of a company, we can provide full company secretarial facilities and associated services. We may secure the anonymity of the ultimate beneficial owners, if requested and may undertake and complete the procedure for the purchase of immovable property and vessels. Anonymity can be achieved by using nominee shareholders or trustee companies. Besides, any European citizen can be shareholder in a Cypriot Company and a company can be formed by only one person. Our office can become the Registered office of your company and we can appoint the Secretary as well. If needed, Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders can be appointed. On this occasion a preparation of a trust deed is also required which can prove that the Trustee can keep the shares for the benefit of the actual beneficiary. A Director's Indemnity can be required.

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