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We can help you in Criminal Law, Labour Law, Immigration Law and acquisition of immovable property in Cyprus, Greece and England. Cyprus has proved to be a very popular place for retirement and/or for the acquisition of holiday houses by foreigners, especially European citizens. Property in Cyprus is considered to be a sound investment with a good return, a value for money and the most important thing for the purchaser's protection is that once the sales agreement has been signed and a deposit paid, the Land Registry in Cyprus provides a simple and effective legal instrument called the specific performance. So once the sales agreement is deposited within two months at the Land Registry, nobody else can take priority and the contract in the hands of the Land Registry cannot be withdrawn by anyone and this status can only be altered by the purchaser himself. (Link to real estate in Cyprus)

We can also assist you with the visa and work permit. If you come from Europe then there is no difficulty and if you come from a Non-EU country it depends on the case. Each case will have to be judged separately. Obviously for non-European citizens an appropriate bank reference can be necessary together with a statistical declaration and if it's going to be an investment for a serious project then it is highly likely that the Director of the company may obtain visa and the registration may not be a difficult task. But the Rules of the Immigration Department apply together with the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

It is important to note that the laws and practice of Cyprus are amended to comply with the EU Laws and Directives and the code of conduct.

We can also offer the following services:

  • Telephone answering and message forwarding
  • Mail forwarding services including e-mail
  • Receiving and Sending faxes
  • Keeping in a safe place your bank statements

We can ensure that we will meet your needs and requirements. It is standard practice to respect customers and to ensure that their business transactions are maintained in a discreet and private manner. We can also provide legal research on any of our clients' requirements, including advice on tax matters.

Real Estate in Cyprus

  • Assistance in finding ideal option for property purchase
  • Legal and administrative support in obtaining the loan for real state investment
  • The acquisition of immovable property by EU citizens

    • A national of an EU member country is permitted to own as much 'immovable property' (a term that includes both land and property) as they wish
    • Once the Title Deeds for the property they are buying become available, the clients are required to provide proof of their citizenship by taking their passport to the Land Registry when they pay the Property Transfer Fees.
  • The acquisition of immovable property by non-EU citizens
    A national of a non-EU country must seek the approval of the 'Council of Ministers' before they can own any type of immovable property. Furthermore, unless there are exceptional circumstances, their ownership will be limited to:

    1. An apartment
    2. A house
    3. A building plot or land up to approximately three donums (4,014 sq. m)
      (In exceptional circumstances, the Council of Ministers will grant permission to own more than one building. For example, if you are a property developer and wish to take over a hotel).
  • Preparation of Sale/Purchase Agreement
  • Review, drafting and conclusion of rental agreements
  • Property Management for foreigners
  • Local tax issues in relation to rental income, capital gains and annual real estate taxes
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